The great advantage of a franchise is the likelihood of failure is very low, unlike in other usual types of businesses. Therefore, market entry is faster, smoother and lower risk. With a renowned brand name that Meticuleyes (Formerly Complete Detailing and Polishing) has gained in a local market since 2019, based on integrity, reliability, expertise, passion and attention to detail. Our franchise system is based on the proven success of our existing HQ based in Trenton, Ontario, Canada, specializing in the field of auto detailing, window tinting, vehicle wrapping, paint protection, ceramic coating, rust proofing, custom upholstery, wheel and caliper powder coating and auto body repair and paint.

We are not your run of the mill car detailing shop. We have done our total protection service to boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, bulldozers, as well as every model of car and truck, including the restoration of vintage automobiles. You name it. We protect it and retain its value for years to come. We are your smartest choice.

We will be rolling out our exclusive franchise program over the coming months so now’s your chance to get in on a ground level opportunity in high traffic locations before they’re all gone. 

Let’s talk! 

We got started when our founding partner, Sheri Thurston, bought a car detailing business in Trenton, Ontario. As a seasoned business women who had owned and operated a number of successful businesses in her career she had the vision to expand the services far beyond just car detailing to offer a wealth of services which she called “total vehicle protection”. 

Sheri recognized the many changes in paint finishes that have all made it much more difficult to maintain without some form of protection. She added other services like rust protection, so critical to maintain the value of a vehicle that travels the salt encrusted roads. After fine tuning all of the local services for her shop she soon realized that is was the perfect time to franchise her concept to offer a unique opportunity to others.  

Most, if not all, detailing shops do a pretty good job, but it takes a lot more than that to be very successful. It takes passion and always doing more than expected. 

Our customers understand our passion from their first contact with us. Our business comes from referrals from delighted customers. From our education programs for our certified installers, to the quality products we use at every stage, we never comprise on anything. We know that our expertise and integrity is put to the test with every client and we always strive to impress. 

We are positioned to meet the challenges of the future, current trends indicate that vehicle owners are keeping their cars, vans and trucks on the road longer than ever before. This, combined with the fact that luxury car sales are increasing year over year, provides you with a tremendous growth opportunity. targeting and
fulfilling the needs of both new and used vehicle owners, our total protection services provide the highest quality detailing services and protection products available.

Investing in a franchise npw gives you the unique opportunity to tap into
this growing market. Your franchise centre  offers a variety of leading edge, custom made products and essential services that are increasing in demand which offer you the greatest potential for profit. the future of a Meticuleyes Center is bright and now is the time to participate and join our family.