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  • The advantages of rustproofing your automobile Rustproofing your car in Canada goes beyond keeping your ride aesthetically appealing. Prolonged rust damage can cause mechanical and electrical parts to fail. Who would have thought rust protection could promote safe driving? According to Statistics Canada, over 5 million tonnes of road salt is used
  • CHOOSING THE BEST CAR PAINT PROTECTION: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW A car’s paint condition is one of the top 5 factors that affect its value. Protecting it is an investment in your future should you ever choose to sell. Driving puts your car at risk of damage caused by
  • For many of us, protecting the appearance of our cars is just part of the ownership experience. Maybe you’re an enthusiast who obsesses over every detail, a lessee intent on avoiding excess wear-and-tear charges, or one of an increasing number of folks who seldom drive due to a new work-from-home