We got started back in early 2019 when our founding partner, Sheri Thurston, bought a car detailing business in Trenton, Ontario. As a seasoned business women who had owned and operated a number of successful businesses in her career she had the vision to expand the services far beyond just car detailing to offer a wealth of services which she called “total vehicle protection”. 

Sheri recognized the many changes in paint finishes that have all made it much more difficult to maintain without some form of protection. She added other services like rust protection, so critical to maintain the value of a vehicle that travels the salt encrusted roads. After fine tuning all of the local services for her shop she soon realized that is was the perfect time to franchise her concept to offer a unique opportunity to others.

Over the years Sheri has worked very long hour days she has done everything from train her staff to become certified installers, to designing internal procedures such as work orders, client contracts, and accounting systems. 

Now Sheri is ready to launch an exciting opportunity with launching franchising her business. She as renamed her business, formerly known as Complete Detailing & polishing, to Meticuleyes, a play on meticulous and eyes (what you see is what you get) and hired a local website designer, Quinte Website Design, to build a complete, detailed, colorful and engaging site for both consumers and potential franchisees.   

Our Mission

Even with our first location it has always been our goal to provide exceptional service, always going above and beyond our client’s expectations and doing whatever is required to make our clients happy. Very happy clients spread the word and give us those all important referrals. 

Now we are ready to offer that same spirit, passion and integrity to our franchise partners across the country, starting with prime locations in Ontario first. This is an excellent chance to get in on a ground floor investment that will reap many rewards for our partner families.   


Happy Clients

Franchise Opportunities

Projects Done

Our Vision

Regardless of what type of vehicle, be it a personal car or a bulldozer for a construction company, any new vehicle loses a large percentage of its value the minute it goes off the dealer lot. 

Our goal is to offer what we call Total Vehicle Protection, encompassing everything from protecting the fragile paint finish to rust proofing any vehile that comes in contact with our salt encrusted roads in thr winter.